Invest In Your Future

You have a unique opportunity to craft your own future. Sure, there are lots of things outside of your control. But what you focus on, what you keep in front of you, what you invest your time, talent and money in, that’s what forms you and your distinctive future.

Our goal is to help you invest in your future. We want to serve you by helping you define your unique financial situation. Understanding who you are and what you believe helps us bring wisdom to your goals and create prudent strategies to achieve your purposes.

Your investments need to flow out of your goals and your personality. The best and most enjoyable way to invest in your future is one you understand and are comfortable with.

We look forward to partnering with you. The best partners travel well together. They’ve got an eye on the horizon, but they live right in the moment. Sowing wisely, enjoying the journey, sharing the story.


Jamaica Trip

  This past week (July 14-21, 2019) I, Christopher, and a group of 31 other people from my church, United Church of Crook, embarked on a week long journey to the Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf. During our time there, we mixed and poured concrete, by hand, to help build the school. While there, …

Five Questions About Your Story That Inform Your Future

You have a story.  It has twists and turns, heroes and villains.  Your story informs your future.  It’s made of lessons learned, relationships formed, rivers crossed, bridges burned, and battles fought.  It definitely enlightens your future course.  It taught you who you’d like on your crew.  You learned what to pack and what to leave …