Who We Serve

Retirees: Investors who need advice creating income from their investments and protecting and transferring their wealth. 

Professionals: A large number of our clients are other professionals in the fields of healthcare, accounting and education. These clients have unique investment and financial planning needs.

Organizations:  We have extensive experience helping governmental and non-profit organizations develop and mange retirement plans that help them attract and retain top employees.

Small Business Owners: Many of our clients own farms, ranches or other local small businesses. They know it’s critical to address the future viability of the businesses they have built. They are often concerned not only about their current investments, but how to transition out of their business and leave a legacy for future generations.

Advisors: We enjoy working with your accountant and attorney to find the best strategies for your unique financial circumstances.

Delegators: Investors who don’t have the time, inclination or expertise to be intimately involved in the selection of their investments, but do want to be involved in working with an advisor to create appropriate strategies to build wealth.

Collaborators: Investors who like to partner with an advisor to make investment and other financial decisions.  They like financial advice, but want to provide more input in the process than Delegators do.